Choir supports pediatric cancer patients through music


courtesy of Ms. Espel

The SHS choir joined with students from Addams, Keller, and Frost Junior Highs on stage

Anna Scanlan, Scribe Reporter

The SHS Choir recently performed at their concert, but instead of collecting ticket sales, they decided that all proceeds should go to the SHS St. Baldrick’s fundraising campaign.  The choir show became yet another way for students to support our “Rock the Bald” campaign.

The 7:00 PM concert on February 27th was free, but throughout the night there were different ways to contribute to St. Baldrick’s. Audience members had the opportunity to donate directly to this cause during the concert—in lieu of paying for a ticket. But if someone needed further enticement, the audience was also able to buy delicious treats during a bake sale afterwards.

The SHS choir members worked diligently to impress the audience with their melodies and harmonies, but they also wanted to help fund cancer research.

“Some people say that it’s easy to sing and that anyone can do it, but really it’s not,” said freshman Willow Keys. “Our choir is like a family and it is amazing that all the profits made that night are going to St. Baldrick’s.”

The annual SHS Choir concert features another surprise for those who haven’t attended it in the past: in addition to the SHS choirs, local junior high singers from Addams, Keller and Frost took part in this memorable night. Including the local students into the concert is an important part of building the SHS music department. Not only are these singers future Saxons, but they get a glimpse of what it will take to part of such a successful program.

“It’s a big concert; the fun thing is that viewers get to hear junior high kids and SHS kids in the same concert, and it is to benefit a good cause,” states Schaumburg High choir director Mrs. Espel.

“The February concert is a unique twist on the average choir concert,” says sophomore Lauren Christians. “It’s usually packed with less traditional music that is upbeat and fun to listen to. If you want to get a taste of choir, I would definitely recommend this concert.”

Throughout the night, audience members listened to songs such as the jazz classic “When I fall I Love,” “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen, “Africa” by Toto, and many others from a wide variety of choirs.

The big showstopper, however, was the final piece of the night, “Music Changes the World” by Jim Papoulis. All the SHS and junior high choirs joined their voices to sing together.  If this sounds intriguing, remember to attend the upcoming vocal performances that the music department will stage.

Along with the musical enjoyment, we were able to raise money in order to meet our St. Baldrick’s fundraising goal of $75,000.  Since its inaugural St. Baldrick’s event, SHS has raised over $350,000 dollars.  SHS has several more fundraising opportunities. Look for upcoming events and other ways to get involved.

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