Fortnite Fanaticism

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Fortnite Fanaticism

Luke Locascio, Scribe Writer

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Fortnite, has gained worldwide fame and fandom, while simultaneously instilling hate in others. It quickly drew a massive online following that even hooked several celebrities as hardcore fans.  The game, however, inspires widely varying responses.  Some dismiss Fortnite as a rip-off posing as a fresh idea; unskilled players or casual gamers may find it unfair; many, however, consider Fortnite to be well worth the time. After a few games, I can tell you that the game is a lot of fun, if you can accept a few flaws. It is a generally good game, but it may not live up to the hype surrounding it.

Now, some people genuinely dislike the game. “What? That’s absurd!” scream Fortnite superfans.  But the criticisms aren’t unfounded.  Essentially, the disdain boils down to the fact that many gamers find it to be a copy of an already existing game called PUBG—or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. On the surface, that’s a valid argument, due to the fact that they’re both games that feature groups of 100 people skydiving out of a vehicle and battling to find out which person/team is the winner, but that argument oversimplifies the game.

While PUBG encourages stealth and planning, Fortnite encourages more of a melee, hyperactive brawl mixed with tower-defense strategy.  You see, by gathering materials Minecraft style (YES, even with a pickaxe), players engage in design and construction by setting up walls and stairs in order to create a haven for defense and eventually, Victory Royale. Don’t worry there is a lot of crazy action and firefights for those who would rather fight than build. Players cannot expect to get a win simply by building a defense because there’s one last component of the game that I haven’t told you about… “The Storm.”

“The Storm” is an ever-shrinking wall that assures that players don’t camp (stay in one spot for the majority of a game). It deals constant damage to the point of killing you, so you definitely need to be careful of it.  Sound challenging?  Sure, but don’t worry, help is on the way—even if you are not part of squad.  As you play, you’ll notice chests in different places all over the map; be sure to grab those, as they’ll contain supplies and weapons that are paramount to getting a Victory Royale. Most customization options are locked behind a paywall, although that’s not too bad. The stuff locked behind paywalls and micro transactions do not affect the base game; they result, instead, in cosmetic changes.

Fortnite is an interesting take on the often-overlooked Battle Royal genre of games. The game is well-done and deserves praise despite what its harshest detractors say. However it is not without some real flaws. Gamers who crave a customizable experience will find that lacking, others who have played PUBG may find Fortnite to be a cartoonish cousin of the original, and players cannot readily set-up tournaments.  Time will tell if Fortnite will have real staying power, or if it will be remembered as a joke. My final rating of the game: 3.5/5


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