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At Schaumburg High School, there is a whole floor dedicated to English and social studies, one hallway for math and one for science, and athletics make up much of the ground floor. Art and music classes are relegated to obscure hallways and not many are aware of their existences. No, art and music classes are not pushed into these hallways because they are unimportant, but it sure feels that way sometimes. 

I was going to the music suite one day during my lunch, and one of my friends decided to tag along with me. When we walked up to the door she said “I didn’t even know that this place existed!

This oblivion makes sense though. The music suite entrance is in a bare hallway in the back of the ground floor. No other classes are nearby the doors. Unless you are a music student, there is no need to go back there. The art hallway is even more tucked away. Unless you are an art or music student, you really are not exposed to either of those classes.

Most classes we take revolve around memorizing facts and learning skills necessary for college and life. Later we are tested with scantron sheets and fill-in-the-blank questions on the information we have crammed into our heads. Some of us excell at this kind of learning, and others do not. I know many brilliant people who sell themselves short based on this methodology. They’re geniuses, but cannot see it based on their test scores.

Some of the quietest people in the classroom create astonishing things during art class. The kid who sits in the corner and is afraid to raise his hand becomes a completely different person while performing. Art and music classes give students a chance to express themselves without fear of judgement. You can be who you are without worrying about anyone else’s opinion. Art and music are an escape from reality and an opportunity to build some much needed character.

Even for those who aren’t artists or musicians, going to art shows and concerts can be fun. Next year, we don’t have an Arts Alive week for students to actively take part, so other opportunities to view our school’s art and music departments need exposure. Here are some ways to keep the arts alive during the school year…  

Go see the fall, winter, or spring  band concert

See an orchestra concert (fall, winter, spring)

Watch either the fall, winter, or spring choir concert

Come see the spring musicals.

Go to the fall play…and the winter one.

Join the drama club.

Come to the open mic performances.

Perform at an open mic performance.

Join poetry club.

Take an art class.

Try choir for a semester or two.

Join the theatre tech crew.

Be a theater guide for a performance.

Watch the dance show.

Next year, please go to an event to support our art and music departments. There are so many ways for students to be active in the arts at our school, yet very few are taken by the majority of the student body. Art and music are important to many students, and they want to share their talent and accomplishments with their fellow Saxons. The arts are a spark of life, something different than studying and memorizing, and they mean so much to so many.


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