How to win freshman year (and beyond)


Stephanie An

Arianna Olivares, Lea Steen, and Nina Mollin work together in Siegie’s corner.

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Each and every year, a new freshman class enters Schaumburg High School, excited and anxious about what lies ahead. We have been at this school for nearly two months, and we have been exposed to many things—new people, new classes, new sports and clubs, and new opportunities. Moreover, as the year progresses, we will be introduced to even more.  From school dances to finals, we definitely don’t have a handle on high school…yet.

So, to help all current and future freshmen, here are some tips to help ensure a successful year

Focus on academics.

Many freshmen come into high school with their focus on the wrong priorities, worrying about others and popularity, wondering who asked whom to the dance… Only to be in rush to finish up last night homework during lunch. Of course it’s important to develop s circle of friends and enjoy a social life, but freshmen can forget to not focusing enough on academics.

“One of my biggest regrets from freshman year is not studying hard enough,” 2018 Schaumburg High School graduate Stephen An said.

So set academics as your priorities! You don’t want to get behind on your assignments and procrastinate on studying for tests and quizzes. Don’t leave studying to the last minute, don’t do all of your studying the passing period before your test

Join extracurricular clubs and sports.

Although academics are a priority, be sure to take part in other activities. The school suggests participating in at least two extracurricular actives. Since many of us feel socially awkward and struggle to start conversations, joining after school activities would be a good way to meet other people. There are a variety of sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities available at Schaumburg High School.

“School activities helped me with making a lot of friends that aren’t my age [and] it looks good on college applications,” Angela Lee a junior said.  “Start with a lot [of clubs] freshman year because when everyone starts doing a lot of clubs junior year you won’t feel like you’ve done [anything].”

Pick the one that suits you and, who knows?  Maybe you will end up continuing throughout all four years of high school. It has been proven that those who take part in after school activities do better in school. Many upperclassmen will agree, with school work, after school activities and everyone working to be popular, high school is hard and never really gets easier.

Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Many of us are still searching for a sense of self, our place in school. What will we do? Who will we be? It is our responsibility to explore and answer these questions so that in a few short years we can help the new freshman.  If we can’t bother to find our place in this school, how will we ever find our place in the world. High school is a perfect time to take risks and that can help us find our place not only in school but also in our lives.

“High school will only get tougher, but it will also be the best years of your life,” believes junior Sarah Park.

Many students agree with her; high school is built to challenge us. There may be times when you only get a few hours of sleep, forget to study a test, and lose touch with some friends, but in the end high school is going to among the best years of our lives.

In no time at all, future freshmen will be looking to us for advice. It is our responsibility to learn from upperclassmen so that we will be prepared to help the new freshman on their journey through the first year of high school.



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