SHS celebrates its mosaic of music


Anna Scanlan

The SHS orchestra and choir rehearse for the annual Mosaic Concert.

Anna Scanlan, Scribe Reporter

On Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 PM in the auditorium, the Schaumburg High School music department will present a special performance to the community. The annual Music Mosaic Concert is a one of a kind event that blends the SHS band, orchestra and choir.

“It is a fantastic way to kick off our music performances for the year, with a combination of both full ensembles and chamber groups made up of students in all three programs,” says Mr. Inendino, Band Director and Music Department Chair.

Students who come see the concert will get a taste of many different musical genres, and be able to hear from all sections of the music department in one night.

Wind Symphony, band’s top ensemble, will be playing two pieces at the concert. One of the pieces, “Song of the Sea,” was written by SHS senior Tom Schluckbier. This concert will be the premier performance of this song.

“I envisioned an awe of the power that our band can provide and an amazement of the technical skill required in certain sections,” comments Schluckbier. “I want the audience to feel as though the piece could go on forever… I want the listener to sit in the beauty of each moment and feel the movement of every line.”

The SHS Men’s and Concert Choirs will be performing a number of pieces at the concert as well. The two choirs are collaborating on a song titled “Deep Peace.” In addition to their group piece, each choir is singing an individual song.

“I am astounded that we have been able to pull together a range of challenging music… and at the progress we have made in such a short time at school,” sophomore Emma Davenport expressed.

Not to be outdone, Symphony Orchestra will perform a piece called “Overture to the Wind,” and a string quartet and trio will be performing, as well.

“This is a great concert for those who typically don’t come to music department events because you get to hear a little bit of everything, hence the title ‘Mosaic,’” explains Orchestra director Ms. Carlson.

The concert opener will be a combined piece in which all ensembles are collaborating to perform “Come to the Music.” The number will include Men’s and Concert Choir accompanied by a full symphony orchestra, which in addition to strings includes winds and percussion.

“Making music with a full orchestra and choir is an amazing experience that you don’t always get to see,” said sophomore symphony orchestra student Ian Fusick. “I believe that’s why [the] Music Mosaic concert is special.”

“This is a concert where you get to see how talented your peers are, and a lot of talent can be found in the music department. There are so many people doing amazing things, and everyone has been working really hard,” said senior Nina Teves.

Come to the Music Mosaic Concert to see the fruits of all the rehearsal and preparation.  This concert may feature the largest number of performers our school has to offer. Good luck to everyone involved!

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