Young Conservatives of SHS launch new political club

Following several weeks of delay, the Young Conservatives of SHS met for their first meeting in the media center. The club, dedicated to the furtherance of conservative political ideology with the hope of political activism encouraging patriotism and raising money for police and military organizations.

“The idea came to me last year in AP Lang,” says founder and club President Ryan Regier. Having written a paper in class wherein he took a conservative stance on a hot-button political issue, Ryan says he found himself amidst a group that didn’t share his views. Regier then attended a conference held by Turning Point USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating students about conservative free-market values and decided that he wanted to create a place where like-minded SHS students could meet to help make a difference in the community.

“A big goal of ours is to help students with networking,” says Regier. “We want to let people find connections in the community, like if somebody wants to go door-to-door to raise awareness or raise money or something; we want our club to be able to help with that.”

Other long-term projects involve cooperation with larger organizations. “We hope to work with the Wounded Warrior Project to raise money for those injured during combat,” says Joey Trybus, the club’s Vice President. “Our charity work will be mostly centered around helping both veterans and those on duty, sending care packages. Often times, people don’t love the warrior until the enemy is at the front door; we hope to change that.”

Regier also hopes that the club will be able to host speakers who would touch on important local and national issues. Politicians from the community, CEOs, and advocates of fiscal and social conservatism could come to into dialogue with the student community. “We’re trying to get in contact with veterans and military reps, maybe organize some discussions and encourage people to serve their country,” he says. Planned speakers include Dominick Izzo, a former police officer and candidate for cook county sheriff, and Ashley Vargas, a life coach and motivational speaker. “The whole point is to help students see that there are others out there who think like they do,” says Regier.

The club plans to meet several times a month to put its ideas into practice. When those present at the club’s first meeting were asked whether they plan to return in the following weeks, many replied affirmatively; Regier hopes the club will be able to foster such feelings in others as well. “We’re all just a group of kids trying to show our support for our military and community,” he says.

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