A Fizzler performance to remember

Andrew Amouzou, Scribe Contributor

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The SHS Fizzlers, an all-male dance troupe, put on an electric performance during the much-anticipated spirit rally and during Powderpuff game as part of Schaumburg’s Homecoming festivities.

Fizzlers is a tradition that has been part of the Schaumburg High School Homecoming festivities for many years now and it never disappoints.

Made up of only senior boys, the group performed numerous stunts, shoots, and kicks in an attempt to mirror styles made popular by orchesis. Members of the senior SHS Sizzlers dance team, some of the schools best dancers, coached the group.

The performance consisted of a variety of dance styles ranging from the energy of a “Lion King Remix” to a ballet performed to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” Facing the senior section, the Fizzlers pulled off dance moves like “The Shoot” to Post Malone’s “Congratulations,” “Milly Rocking” to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” performing handstands to Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” and even performing cheerleading hand motions to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” The Fizzlers definitely brought excitement to the homecoming festivities.

“I thought that the performance was really cool,” said senior super fan Diana Bobadilla. “They were really into it. They had a lot of energy and you could tell they spent a lot of time practicing. Not every guy wants to get out and dance in front of the school. It takes a lot of courage.”

Besides learning the importance of time management, people who participated in Fizzlers learned how to work and grow as a team, even if it was something that they were not comfortable with prior to joining.

“A challenge for me in Fizzlers was [working] to be in sync with all the other guys,” said senior Mohammad Ahmed, himself a member of the dance squad. “However, this was resolved with many practices we had. Plus, everything is more fun when you are [with] friends.”

“I would tell future guys to do it because it is a really fun opportunity to do something different than what you are used to,” said Senior Sammi Cifrino, one of the Fizzlers coaches. “And, everyone who does it becomes really close, and it’s a really fun thing. Even the practices are fun, and there is really no stress to it”.

However with the opportunity comes effort and commitment, which became a problem for some of the group.  This provided an extra challenge as most rehearsals consisted of re-learning what was taught in the previous rehearsal so that the people who did not attend can catch up.

“Because of other commitments it was hard to get everyone at all the practices we had throughout the weeks, so the dance was never able to be worked on in full,” Cifrino said. “And not everyone knew all the parts so we would have to reteach [the steps] which took away time from making everyone feel really comfortable with the dance.”

Overall, the passion and dedication shown from Fizzlers and the energy and excitement from the crowd capped of a highlight performance of the Homecoming week.

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