Making Schaumburg my home


Ifeolorun Adeboloa came to SHS for her Sophomore year from her native Nigeria.

Ifeolorun Adebola, Scribe Contributor

Six months ago, I moved to Schaumburg from Oyo State, Nigeria. Making the transition to Schaumburg has been hard for me, especially entering as a sophomore. I have so many mixed emotions swirling around my family’s move. Before I tell my story, I ask that you all try to pay attention to the new kids in your classes; they may need help adjusting, and simply saying hello could make someone’s transition easier.

Back in Nigeria, I was loud, nice and very outgoing. I liked reading novels; I loved participating in sports, especially running; I loved participating in competition debates. My favorite subject in school was government. But my world was about to be turned upside down.

Everything changed when I got to the United States and enrolled at Schaumburg High School. When I say everything changed, I’m not just taking about style, language, and culture. Everything changed about ME. I became shy, quiet, confused, and lost. I honestly felt I was invisible. My sister kept saying, “You became someone new.”

Surviving in the new environment, seeing new faces and making new friends, and hearing a new language are part of the problems many transfer students from different countries face. In my case, the most difficult part is making new friends. The students here are great, but when the thought of making new friends hits me, I get really scared. Negative thoughts rush into my mind. What if they don’t like me? What if I say something wrong? By the end of the day, if I end up not making any friends, I become angry with myself because I feel that I am the source of my problem.

Making friends isn’t the only difficulty transfer students face. We also struggle with having to meet up other people’s expectations when learning a new language. Learning a new language can be fun, but knowing what to say at the right time can be hard.

The different rules and regulations students encounter when transferring schools can also be a challenge. In my case, the school rules here at Schaumburg are very different from the ones back in Nigeria. I worry about breaking the dress code and getting on time to my classes.

Tons of memories were made back in Nigeria, actually most of my memories were made in Nigeria, the day I graduated elementary school/primary school, junior high/secondary school, and the day I started high school/secondary school… many happy memories made. So in order to keep my cool, I meditate and focus on the memories I had back in Nigeria.

While most of my memories were made in Nigeria, I am starting to make some new and good memories here, too, I now get to explore new places–places I have never been before, meet people I never would have met, learned and experienced things I never would have experienced.

Being a transfer student is not easy. I worry about my future at Schaumburg High School, but I don’t expect anything from anyone. No one can solve my problems expect me. I do hope no one will judge me for being too shy, being too quiet, and being anxious about my new surroundings. It takes time to orient to a new environment, but I am getting used to it. I hope that when I find my stride, people will judge me for who I truly am, not for the girl shy, fearful girl I am trying to overcome. It’s going to take time, but Schaumburg is becoming my home.

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