And CAOS Has Begun.

Cedric Mathew, Entertainment Editor


Have you ever thought about selling your soul to the Devil? 

There seems to be a lot of advantages. You are practically immortal. You get to dabble in magic and learn how to conjure spells. You get a magical pet companion. You get to go to boarding school and have wild, youthful experiences. And you get to await the Devil’s call to do all of his bidding, basically taking away most of your free will. Sabrina Spellman tends to get a little caught up with the part about losing her free will.

However, her circumstances are a little different.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina details her life and struggles as the first half-human, half-witch child as she strives to control her own destiny. In the original sitcom, the title character portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart led a life that was far cheerier, non-threatening, and silly. This new show, however, is based on a newer comic book series that takes a darker look at the witch community.

As the story progresses, Sabrina struggles balancing her school life and her witch life. However, if she goes through with her “dark baptism,” she will have to sever contact with the human world forever. I don’t know about you, but I could never live without updates on how Khloe Kardashian is dealing with Tristan’s scandalous affair.

Although the show centers around the Devil, the show, actually, is not very scary. The story is set in the same world as Riverdale, so it still maintains a youthful energy, especially when Sabrina is out hanging with her friends. Most of the time, the show is humorously dark, with many references to really old horror movies that I’ve never seen.

The show can be really funny at times. At home, Sabrina lives with her Aunts, Zelda and Hilda, who constantly cross words with each other. Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose (my favorite character) provides some LGBTQ+ representation, and he brings so much character to the show. He has witty side comments throughout the show and provides a voice of reason in Sabrina’s messy life.

I really appreciate the lead actress, Kiernan Shipka, and the actor that portrays her boyfriend, Ross Lynch. Shipka’s speaking voice may sound a little awry, but she makes her character lively and quirky. I think she makes the character a little more relatable as she exudes a sense of confidence and self-awareness. I never knew that I could separate Lynch from his character on Austin and Ally, but he really takes the character and puts a lot into it. He becomes Harvey Kinkle, and his love for Sabrina is truly real. Sarvey Spinkle is cannon forever.

Sometimes, the friends got on my nerves. It was a lot of uninspired teenage activism that was overly dramatic, but it did establish the young-and-free vibes that Sabrina’s school life had. (For example, Sabrina’s friends Roz and Susie fight the school policy regarding banned books in the school library.) The fact that this activism was the only piece of their personality definitely makes the friends a very disappointing part of the show. My least favorite character was probably Susie. Her story seemed a bit dry for my tastes, and I felt the actor was always trying to get into a rhythm throughout the show.

That isn’t to say that the character should be cut. Lachlan Watson, the actor who portrays Susie, identifies as non-binary and breaks a lot of ground in the industry. I’m really glad she’s using her role as an opportunity to gain more acceptance and awareness for the lesser known parts of the LGBTQ+ community.

My major issue with the show was its pacing. The first few episodes were really action packed and gave you a lot of information on the backgrounds of the characters, but when it got to the middle, it lulled in content. The plot lines in certain episodes don’t seem to connect to the overarching story. I would find myself almost saying, “Thank U, Next.”

But I am very glad I did not shut the door on it. The last 3-4 episodes really picked up and I was on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed how more characters became relevant, and the show almost got scary for a bit. The characters made the show very enjoyable, and I watched it to get more funny one-liners from Ambrose or more sibling pettiness from Hilda and Zelda. The ending was very worth the kind-of-boring middle section because, now, I cannot wait for the next season to drop on Netflix.

So please, sell your soul to the Netflix gods and watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Let CAOS ensue.

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