Q&A: Lexi Kurzawinski talks art and music


Ms. Govic

Lexi Kurzawinski works on a piece of art in Ms. Govic’s 5th period art class.

Kate McKinley, Scribe Reporter

When I sat down for the interview, I was really nervous. Lexi Kurzawinski is a senior; I am a freshmen. Lexi has performed in the SHS Variety Show, in the school band, and has exhibited her art in our schowcase hallways, so I already knew she was talented.

When we met, however, it quickly became clear that while Lexi expresses a mix of emotions through her arts, she is not defined by her art. Lexi is confident but not egotistical. She carries a quiet intelligence beyond many high school students.  Her ability to use art as an outlet gives her the chance to reveal and share her different passions.

Saxon Scribe: What kinds of art you do?

I love to paint! I also play the flute and piccolo in the school band and play guitar.

Scribe: How did you get started?

I started painting in eighth grade. I starting music in fifth grade because that’s when everyone was starting.

Saxon Scribe: Why do you do what you do?

I love art! It also gives me a chance to be me.  It gives me the opportunity to show myself to the world without any limits. Also all the friendships and connections you make, they are special.  Through the artwork, you can connect on a deeper level because you’re showing them a part of you that not everyone recognizes or sees and I think other artists understand each other a lot better because of that.

Saxon Scribe: What are the struggles you have faced?

Finding time to do everything, meaning every deadline and prepare for every audition. But also as an artist, I almost always feel any painting is never done there is always something to add to it or fix. I think the perfectionism comes from the fact that you’re showing the world who you are. When you have a performance or a job interview, you want to give it your all, and finishing an art piece is a lot like that. You don’t want any flaws or misinterpretation because it’s representing to the world your best and who you are.


Saxon Scribe: How do you balance the arts and school?

For me, it’s through the school. I’m in band and take art classes. Other than that, just prioritizing. If I have a deadline coming up for a piece of art or homework, I won’t practice, I’ll just work on that piece or assignment for a half day. I just sat and worked on a piece for six hours. But, if an audition is coming up and the deadline is kind of far away, I’ll practice and do the piece later.

Saxon Scribe: What emotions do you like to express?

With music I love to express sadness. It’s much harder to get sadness across to your audience than it is to covey happiness. Art is the opposite. There, I like happiness. It’s really fun to use bright colors and other symbols while painting.

Saxon Scribe: Where do you hope to take art?

At this point, I’m not planning on doing this professionally because it’s so hard to make a living. I know don’t want to teach art, but I would love to do this on the side, for myself. I thinking about pursuing forensic facial reconstruction. That way, I get to use my art for something really interesting.

Saxon Scribe: What do you want the student body to understand about the arts?

Most people think that this is something that we do as a hobby when we have free time. They don’t realize that this is almost a lifestyle for us.  Many people create as a hobby or a side job, but for others, it’s how they survive. I know people who wouldn’t be as healthy or as happy as they are now if they didn’t get the chance to create. It’s a way to just let out everything that is inside of you and to cope with anything life throws your way. People don’t always realize that.

Saxon Scribe: Why should others explore art?

It gives me a chance to express emotions, and I think that everyone should be able to have the chance to do that.  I think it is important because people have a hard time verbalizing the thoughts they have, and to make sense of their feelings. The thing about art is that it doesn’t need to make sense. If you’re confused about what you’re feeling you can just throw some colors on a canvas that you’re drawn to, and the result can really help you as well as other as to understand what you’re feeling inside

Art teacher Ms. Govic said of Lexi, “What makes Lexi an exceptional art student also makes her an exceptional human being.  She is self-motivated, hardworking, creative, kind, caring, inquisitive, and has a drive to contribute to the greater good of humanity. Lexi has always been a talented artist; the most significant growth I have seen is her desire to put meaning in her work and to make it 100% original.”

I have no doubt that Lexi will continue to grow as an artist and as a person. For me, as a freshmen who plays flute in the school band, she serves as a role model. It’s really cool to see that effort pays off, and I look forward to seeing where her art will take her.

Coming Soon: Senior Kate Barmen talks about her art, her awards, and more. 

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