Ayesha Akram and Safa Farooq, Scribe Reporters


Black Mirror does it again. The popular British Netflix series released a new, movie-length feature that has viewers falling out of their seats, questioning their very existence.

Similar to various other episodes, this chapter of Black Mirror once again questions technology, freedom, and how the two impact one’s mental health. Every little detail, from the setting of the episode, to the plot, and to the actors themselves, contributes in making this one of the most worthwhile watches on Netflix–especially when you’re getting tired of  the same shows over and over again (The Office, I’m looking at you).

However, there is something unique that makes Bandersnatch even more compelling: a special interactive bonus feature. You read that right. Unlike any other thing and truly one of a kind, this installment allows viewers to make decisions that impact the storyline and guide it down various paths. “How does that even work?” you might ask. Well, at certain points, the viewer will get 10 seconds to choose what decision the main character, Stefan, will make next with the simple click of a button. Even something as trivial as selecting the type of cereal you want, has an impact on the outcome.

The best part of this is that there’s multiple endings, so if you’re not satisfied with how the story ends, the episode will allow you to go back to a pivotal point in the story to change your choice. However, that can also be kind of nerve wrecking because there are just so many options!

Fionn Whitehead’s portrayal of Stefan is nothing less than superb. He makes the intriguing storyline come to life, tying together the script with raw human emotion, allowing the viewer to sympathize and oftentimes relate to him. He has also been raved about in his performance in the 2017 movie Dunkirk. The cinematography, as well the music choices and clothes, really makes you feel as if you traveled back in time and landed in the 80s. The colorful and lively mood brings back memories from San Junipero and provides a stark contrast to the actual dark plotline. The producers do a wonderful job intertwining this retro 80s vibe with a modern, fresh-yet-gloomy plot, something not easy to accomplish.

Bandersnatch, with its extensive storylines, plot twists and interactive feature is a lot to take in. How do you even begin to describe something when you yourself aren’t certain what it is? It has left viewers satisfied and at the edge of their seats with its heart-racing plot and unique narrative that allows you to control the beginning, middle and end. However, it makes one wonder if humanity is headed towards its own doom due to all the various advancements in technology.  Anyway, enough of that. This event was definitely worth the wait, and I would recommend you all to watch it the first chance you get. In conclusion, Wig=BanderSNATCHED.

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