Stand up with Girl Up

Karly Balslew, Scribe Reporter

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Changing the world is easier said than done.  Most people would prefer to avoid that much responsibility.  To members of Girl Up, however, changing the world comes as second nature. Brave individuals from all over the world stand up to bring about social change among young women.

Girl Up, a global organization founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, focuses on advocating for women’s rights and magnifying voices often muffled by society. The organization holds fundraisers and charities to raise awareness of the brutal conditions which women experience in third world countries and around the globe. All charity and donations go directly to educating women, while simultaneously providing them with a second chance at thriving.

“We do activities to help the girls find their voices and learn how to be activists,” said club sponsor Ms. Ksiazek. “We use current events and real-life examples to educate them about the possibilities of what they can achieve”.

Change does not have to be on a global scale to be meaningful.”

— Julia Skibinski

Members of Girl Up focus on empowering others as well as educating themselves on the hardships women face in different parts of the world, such as lack of access to education, economic disparity, political disenfranchisement. Every woman encounters adversity in different forms, yet discovering a voice to conquer any obstacle proves to be universal.

A former Schaumburg High School student, Bhavya Shah, wanted to further help girls all around the world and in her community, which fueled her desire to bring a version of Girl Up to Schaumburg in 2017.

Bringing awareness allows more people to be aware of their surroundings and be more conscientious of the world around them.

“The overall objectives of the club and many of the activities come from the global organization itself,” states Ms. Ksiazek. “However, we also try to create activities that empower our specific group of girls and our Schaumburg community locally.”

“Change does not have to be on a global scale to be meaningful,” expresses Girl Up president Julia Skibinski.

Girl Up members intend to participate in the SHS Diversity Fair in hopes of spreading awareness about both issues and the club.  Additionally, the group will be hosting fundraisers to raise money for women in need. A bake sale held at SHS will take place February 14th. Girl Up hopes to host additional events soon to spread the word and to raise more funds for women in need.

Lending a hand and getting involved can be as simple as attending a meeting at SHS or spreading awareness of the struggles women must endure. Advocating for the rights of women or even creating a fundraiser helps to empower more women.

Interested in the cause? Contact Ms. Ksiazek in the English department on ways to contribute or attend a meeting after school every other Tuesday in room 203s!

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