Movies you need to see heading into “Endgame”

Movies you need to see heading into

Hannah Wishnew, Scribe Reporter

The decade-long journey composed of over twenty movies is finally coming to theaters this Friday with the much anticipated opening of Avengers: Endgame. The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 with Iron Man and has gone on to become a pop culture phenomenon and a huge success for the parent company Disney.

The newest addition is the most highly anticipated and has already broken pre-sale box office records. There is no denying that the MCU has cornered the market on superhero action movies (sorry DC), but if you’re one of the few who have never seen a Marvel movie you may be feeling left out of all the Endgame fun.

You could, of course, try to watch all of the Marvel superhero movies before scoring tickets to Endgame.  But good luck catching up on all 20 movies; facing a tall order like that may just discourage many viewers. If this is you, and you don’t have the time to watch them all, here are my choices of must-see-Marvel-movies.  These are not necessarily the movies that feature the most important plot-points, but they blend action, fun, relationships, emotions, and spectacular effects.

Iron Man
The movie that started it all. This movie follows Tony Stark, a millionaire who made his fortune building weapons for the military. When a demonstration goes awry and Tony is captured, he must become Iron Man and battle his own narcissism. Funny, surprisingly emotional, and completely unexpected at the time it is worth re-watching the origins of one of the most popular superheroes ever.

Captain America: Civil War
After a successful mission with a lot of collateral damage, the Avengers are put on notice. They must agree to official oversight, or become outlaws. The group battles each other as friendships are tested, and all the heroes must pick a side. We get some of the best action sequences any movie has ever produced, and also some of the best jokes. Funny, yet serious when it needs to be, this stunning film focuses on the consequences of the past and how they will shape the future of the MCU.

Black Panther
Stunning visuals, an outstanding cast, and cool action sequences are the defining features of Marvel’s only best picture nominee. More political than most of the other movies in the MCU this movie is thought-provoking, and arguably features the best of all of the series’ villains.  This movie made a lesser-known comic hero into a worldwide phenomenon.

Doctor Strange
One of the most distinct movies in the MCU, this movie takes a more mystical tone and abstract style that makes it different than other superhero origin stories. The acting from Benedict Cumberbatch is stellar and his journey from arrogant doctor to guardian of Earth entertains. It also raises some ethical questions about the costs and consequences of using unnatural powers.

Thor: Ragnarok
Undoubtedly the best of the Thor series, this movie lets humor rule as we are introduced to new characters in space, and reintroduced to old friends. The tone and dialogue inspired the MCU writers to incorporate this new personality in the following movies.  Its style really illustrates the difference between the DC and Marvel universes.  Awesome fights, comedic twists that expand on characters, and an unexpected ending fuel this ride which leads directly into Infinity War.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider Man’s first movie follows his adventures after his first appearance in the MCU reboot of the Spider-Man storyline during Civil War.  In Homecoming, we see Peter going through his high school life as he attempts to balance homework, scholastic bowl competitions, crime fighting, and…dating? Funny and instantly relatable for high school students, this is a fun and heartwarming addition to the MCU.

These five movies may not give you the entire picture of the gigantic story that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you need to watch at least all of The Avengers movies to get the full idea.  But these movies highlight the fun, drama, action, and heart that has defined this new era of superhero movies.

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