Open mic offers musical sanctuary


photo by Breeanna Cwik

Mr. Elwell performs a song at the first Open Mic Night on September 4 in Siegie's Corner.

Melanie Casey, Scribe Reporter

With D211 students seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of school, Schaumburg High School teachers offer a fun and interactive option: Open Mic Night. 

Every first Wednesday of the month, located in Siege’s Corner, students from all walks of life join together to sing and play their hearts out. No matter where they come from, whether they play professionally or are involved with music as a hobby, all are welcome.

Mr. Elwell and Mrs. McNamee are the organizers and moderate Acoustics Club every Wednesday following the event. These opportunities offer a sanctuary for students involved in the world of music, whether they just want to try it out or plan to commit. Being able to have a club to call “home” simply resonates with them.

 “Everybody…we’re all gifted in different ways. When you can honor people with the arts, it makes our school more whole,” stated sponsor Mrs. McNamee. “We support the arts and the building’s music, and everything else is really honored here. America needs to follow that example.” 

Their passion for music resonates in the hearts of the students who perform here. Not only do students have a place to perform, but they have a supportive audience as well. Open Mic provides the perfect opportunity to practice performing in front of crowds. 

“I really loved the supportive environment,” said Jaydene Stachowiak. “Even if performing got a little scary, everyone applauded for your effort, no matter how well it went.”  

“Everyone can just do what they want to in a non judgmental/supportive environment and have fun performing,” said senior Katt Fetter. “It’s really cool to see so many different people all come together to support each other when they perform.”  

Open Mic Night’s warm reception thrives off of the variety of performers. Although SHS music students compromise a large percentage of performers, all instruments and students are welcome. 

“We’re trying to encourage orchestra and band members to come,” stated Mrs. McNamee. “There’s some really good players too. They bring a piano up here for students. They take good care of us. It’s really cool that the principal is musically inclined and some of the teachers are really supportive of open mic. They appreciate the arts.” 

Whether your a musician or simply love listening to live music, stop by and listen to the music.

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