Q&A: Senior Brendan Rodatz–SHS’s TikTok Personality

Abigail Thomas, Assistant Editor-in-Chief


I’m sure you have the TikTok app downloaded on your phone and scroll through the app for hours. Watching TikToks is one thing but making them is on another level. I only started watching TikToks recently, but it’s definitely a social media platform that will continue to grow. I wanted to get to know a TikToker and understand how it feels to be an influencer on that platform. 

How did you get started?

In my American Studies class, I discovered that I liked making funny videos for our group projects because it was a fun process and it felt good to be creative and make other people laugh. With Tik Tok becoming popular around that time, I decided to make an account toward the end of my junior year just to upload videos that make me laugh. The first video I made did really well, so I decided to start uploading more. 

How many followers do you have?

120,000+ followers.

What type of TikToks do you make?

Mostly comedy videos.

Where do you get your ideas?

I see what’s trending from other people and put my own twist on it or I just use random funny thoughts I’ve had in conversations with my friends.

Why were you drawn to TikTok? 

It was kind of like Vine, which was an app everyone loved for its funny videos before it was taken down, but I was too young to really get into that platform back when it was available. TikTok has been like the second version of Vine for a lot of people my age. 

How would you describe your TikTok personality?

I try to keep it funny, wholesome, and somewhat sarcastic. 

What goals do you have for TikTok?

I hope to become a verified account.

Why do you think people are drawn to your TikToks?

I think people are typically drawn to my videos because they’re funny and relatable, kind of made through the eyes of a normal teenager rather than a larger “influencer”.  

Have you made any friends through TikTok?

The first video I made did really well, so I decided to start uploading more. ”

— Brendan Rodatz

Yes, I talk to a lot of other creators in group chats and have even met up with 3 of them (Avani, Griffin, and Katie). 

Why do you think TikTok has made such a splash?

TikTok has made such a splash because it has a wide variety of video genres and includes a unique system featuring Tik Toks from different people, which is what I feel gives it the edge over a lot of other social media apps. It gives users that have the hope to maybe make it big a fair chance to get their videos noticed regardless of how many followers they have.

Do you follow anyone on TikTok? What type of TikTok personalities are you drawn to?

I follow a few people on TikTok, typically the friends I’ve made through the app. The personalities I’m drawn to are the funny people who find original ways to make videos instead of following trends. 

Do you have a process when making TikToks? Filters, etc?

I don’t make the process too professional; I just upload content I think is good whenever I have ideas. 

What makes a good TikTok?

It’s hard to put defined boundaries on what makes a Tik Tok “good” because there are so many different types of videos on the app, but an overall idea would be anything original that is enjoyable to watch. Videos that are visually pleasing (in terms of lighting, backgrounds, etc.) also tend to get better results. 

It’s definitely cool to have so much popularity on a mainstream media account; it’s not something I’d be able to do. TikTok continues to be a growing platform with more and more people rising on it. From what I’ve seen, most of the TikTok personalities put on a facade. Everything just seems so superficial. That’s not the vibe I get from Brendan. No, he doesn’t have 30 million followers, but his followers like him because he’s true to himself.  

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