Is the Royal Family Really as Royal as it Sounds?


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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 9: An arrangement of UK daily newspapers show front page headlines reporting on the story of the interview given by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and her husband Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, to media mogul Oprah Winfrey about their experiences with Buckingham Palace, in London, United Kingdom on March 9, 2021. (Photo by Hasan Esen/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Nrupa Patel, Scribe Contributor

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Now that some time has passed since Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, came forward with their reasons to leave the Crown in an interview with Oprah on March 7, I think it’s fair to ask, is the Royal Family as royal as it sounds? 

Throughout the interview, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stated they they felt as if they were trapped in the Palace. For example, Meghan was not allowed to go to therapy when her mental health took a turn. Considering suicide, she was told that she could not get help because it would be bad for the Palace’s public image. Her identity was stripped from her as she lost possession of her driver’s license, passport, and credit cards. The increased negative attention fueled by the bad press created a great deal of stress. Members of her family also had to endure paparazzi following them. Her plight exposed the injustices and opened Prince Harry’s eyes, motivating him to finally leave the monarchy behind and become independent.

After Markle’s wedding, rumors spread of petty disagreements with Kate Middleton. Skewed by stories that Markle deemed untrue, she attempted to clarify her position stating that Middleton was actually the guilty party and had apologized and sent some gifts to make amends. Markle remained upset at the Palace for knowing the true events yet not correcting the media’s views. By keeping the truth in the dark, Markle felt vilified in the public eye. 

Markle never received the reception that she deserved and needed. As a senior royal, Markle did not speak up about her fear of losing protection and security. Nonetheless she learned that the Palace decided that the couple’s son, Archie, would not receive the title of Prince, nor would he receive personal security. Markle and Harry believe that this decision is a result of Archie’s mixed ethnicity, part of the couple’s claim that racism played a large role in the decision to leave the UK.   Rehashing on an old conversation, the couple explains how they had a formal talk with an unnamed person of the Palace over concerns regarding the dark complexion of Archie’s skin. 

The royal family in the United Kingdom is in dire need of changes and reform. Harry grew up at the Palace, and his choice to break with his family and childhood home highlights suggest that the royal family needs to change. From racism to lack of privacy and security, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced a lot from their short time together as a married couple. While Markle was dealing with suicidal thoughts and horrible mental health, she was denied help and the ability to get better. Hopefully, future royal members learn from this current strife and aim to amend the faults in their system, just as Princess Diana once attempted to do. 


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