Welcome our New Administrator, Ms. Gbur


Kavya Nuthulapaty

Ms. Whitney Gbur joins the intervention team as a Schaumburg High School Assistant Principal.

Kavya Nuthulapaty , Scribe Reporter

After a full year of online learning, Schaumburg High School finds itself, not only back to a somewhat normal schedule, but with a new assistant principal as well. Ms. Whitney Gbur steps in as Schaumburg High School’s newest assistant principal.

Mrs. Napier, former Assistant Principal and Activities Director, accepted a position at the District 211 Administrative Office leaving an opening at SHS. Ms. Gbur, previously an English teacher and the head cheerleading coach for ten years at SHS, now assumes the mantle.

“My intentions are to make sure that SHS is a safe, positive, productive, and inclusive place for every student, staff, and community member that steps into our building,” says Ms. Gbur.

“[T]hrough the positive relationships she was able to form with her students and athletes… Ms. Gbur has demonstrated, as an English teacher and a coach, that she is student-centered,” Principal Harlan said. She brings that same approach as an assistant principal, and we are fortunate that she is able to continuing making these connections with our students in her new role.”

Assistant Principal Gbur wishes to get staff members and administrators to collaborate more. Especially entering a new year in-person after having a full year of online learning.

“One of the things I am most passionate about is the collaboration between teachers and administrators,” states Ms. Gbur. “We have incredibly talented faculty in this building and though our roles may seem very different at times, we all have a similar end goal.”

Ms. Gbur enjoyed connecting with students as a teacher and coach and hopes to continue that connection as an administrator. Her time as a cheerleading coach showed her the importance of positive school culture.

“I plan to be present in the hallways, attend athletic and extracurricular events, celebrate student successes, support students when they are in need, and make myself available and approachable so that students trust me as a resource and advocate.” says Ms. Gbur.

Outside of school, Ms. Gbur is an avid traveler having been to over ten countries and five continents. Every summer she tries to visit a new country to expand horizons and have new experiences. Additionally, she is an animal foster mom. Thus far, she has fostered were one dog, one kitten and two cats.

“I am very proud of Ms. Gbur,” stated English Department Chair Mr. Davis.  “From her first days as an English teacher at SHS, she brought energy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to excellence in everything that she did.  We will miss her laughter, her stories, and her love of bows.  I’m very excited to watch her continued success as she moves into administration, knowing that her leadership is going to benefit all of us at SHS.”

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