QR codes formalize bathroom procedure


Schaumburg High School students now use a QR code to log time out of the classroom.

Scribe Staff

Upon returning from winter break, students had to adjust to a new process that replaced the previous bathroom passes.  Instead of asking a teacher for a freshly-written hall pass, students now use their iPads to sign out as they leave their classroom and when they return.  

As was to be expected, some glitches and confusion challenged students as they worked to learn the new system.  However, one month into the new semester, students and staff both appear to have adjusted to the new expectations regarding bathroom signouts.

SHS students should find that the procedure makes trips to the restrooms a little more uniform from class to class. Previously, students may have encountered slightly different expectations across teachers as they navigated their schedule from one period to the next.

Now, each classroom is provided with a laminated sign with QR code posted near the entrance of each classroom. Students signing in and out must use their District 211 account to scan the QR code. Doing so directs students to a Google form in which they can log the time at which they leave the room.  Once a student returns, he or she can rescan the same QR code to log their return to class. 

“Anecdotal feedback indicates that it has reduced classroom interruptions,” stated Mrs. Smith, Assistant Principal. “We are streamlining restroom and water fountain passes to reduce the interruptions in the classroom and maximize instructional time for students.”

Some students questioned the need for a new system, and the corresponding growing pains resulting from the new system. Previously, however, teachers had expressed concern over the impact of the number of bathroom requests that they needed to address during class.  The amount of time teachers were spending writing passes for students who wanted to use the facilities was resulting in increased interruptions which was distracting from learning. In response, administrators initiated the QR system.

“It’s definitely streamlined the process of students leaving the room,” stated social studies teacher Mrs. Dvorak.” “It seems to be the first step in creating a universal pass.”

Students tend to understand the need for the QR codes, but have expressed frustration with having to sign out using the account.

“It’s kind of a hassle, so I try to use the facilities during passing periods,” stated senior Daniel Pasman. “Bathrooms are a little more crowded during the passing periods.”

“While we understand that while it may be frustrating to scan in and out, the QR scanning is in its infancy. Mrs. Smith added. “We continually connect with students or staff/faculty with concerns.”

In addition, staff members are now staffed outside of several building facilities in efforts to reduce the amount of time students linger in bathrooms and reduce the number of infractions that occur. 

“If [students] have any specific concerns that [they] would like to discuss, please reach out directly to your administrator in the intervention office,” Mrs. Smith stated.

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