Harry Styles Live in Chicago!

Sophia Freehling, Scribe Reporter

Harry Styles, currently on a residency tour, played in Madison Square Garden 15 consecutive nights throughout August and September. 

However, things didn’t go as planned when Harry and his band got sick and postponed the first show in Chicago to October 10th from the original date of October 6th.  Thankfully, this Scribe reporter was live on the scene.

On Monday night, as the lights began to dim, all of the fans went wild knowing that in just a matter of minutes he would take the stage. As the intro to his song “Daydreaming” played, Harry levitated from the middle of the stage. Fans cheered as they saw Harry sporting leather pants and a glittery gold, pink, black and red striped top.

After ’Daydreaming’ finished he went into two of his more well-known songs called “Golden” and “Adore You.” These first three songs really set the tone for the rest of the show as all three were upbeat and allowed Harry to show off all his dance moves to the crowd. 

Harry apologized for the inconvenience of the show being rescheduled, but fans were only worried about whether or not they would hear an unreleased song called “Medicine” that night. (Harry only plays it at select shows.) 

After a few more energetic songs like “Daylight” and “Keep Driving” he played some of the slower and sadder songs from his album Harry’s House, “Matilda” and “Little Freak,” as fans swayed to the songs.  The whole vibe of the United Center changed; tt felt as though we were all a family and were there to support each other, Harry included. 

Harry then played a fan favorite “Satellite” in which he showed off his iconic stomping dance moves to the beat. Just like that we were more than halfway done with this life changing night. 

He then took some time to read some of the signs that fans had made for him. Which included a singing of happy birthday for an audience member and helping another come out. There was also a sign that said “I just got out of jail” and Harry seemed very concerned. He also complimented a dad who’s sign said “My daughter didn’t force me to do this” and was wearing pants with the letters H and S on them. 

Harry then played more songs including “Cinema,” “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” and “Treat People With Kindness” during which lots of fans were throwing glasses and boas along with other things at Harry. This would only be the beginning of that though. Harry then played “What Makes You Beautiful” since he was a member of the famous band One Direction. 

During “Late Night Talking” Harry walked down the long runway on the stage and about halfway down the stage a fan in the pit splashed lots of water on him. The music went out for about 5 seconds. Even though Harry smiled after he got splashed, some say that person was the reason Harry ended up not playing “Medicine” that night. He later was seen walking by the percussionist in his band named Pauli wiping off his pants because of all the water on them. 

Next he played “Watermelon Sugar” another chart-topping song, as well as “Love of My Life.” He made sure to bring 100% effort on all dance moves and song lyrics he sang. 

Harry then left the stage for a couple of minutes and re-entered through the middle playing his song that got him the start of his solo career, “Sign Of The Times.”  It holds a special place in a lot of fans’ hearts because this was his first ever solo after One Direction. 

He wrapped up the show by playing “As it Was” and “Kiwi”–another song on his first album which fans love hearing  live because he does his signature move, “the whale,” at the end of it. 

As Harry left the stage lots of fans were left overwhelmed by the performance. Despite the sky-high expectations, he impressed many fans that night. 

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