She-Hulk: An honest review

Hector Rodriguez, Scribe Reporter

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She-Hulk, a new Disney+ original, concluded its inaugural season on October 13th, and  has inspired a wide variety of reactions. If you ask me, it’s a show that you should watch, but it’s not something you need to watch. Let’s check my notes. 


The Okay!

The show spans 9 episodes, each around half an hour in length. You get a hint of what the show is on just the first episode of the show. After Jen Walters (She-Hulk) is introduced, Jen talks directly to the audience. This won’t be the first time she talks to the audience as you try to get accustomed to the weird 4th wall breaks. 

Another stylistic choice that I noticed was a lack of action.  This kept bothering me, because Disney is that company with multibillion dollar projects, but it feels more like a side project that was dealt to some executives that didn’t really care about their work. There was no moment that kept me on the edge of my seat… other than the moment Daredevil was introduced. 

Speaking of characters, the “villains” are not written all that well; we don’t really get a reason as to what motivates them. I do believe, however, that they are written well enough to the point where they are actually disliked by the audience and there’s a sense of satisfaction when they go down.

The tone in the show is also very weird. In the show, it shines a bright light on women and how feminists rule the world which is fantastic to see in todays day and age but; it often challenges men. The main villain leads a group of feminist-hating men, and it just feels weird to watch in a Disney + show. 

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The Good!

Characters such as Nikki (Jen’s best friend) or Pug (Jen’s other friend) hit the mark on the standards of good character writing. They feel like actual people and friends that I have and could see many other people having. Characters such as Daredevil feel the same as he did in his show, and that is what I loved while watching. Daredevil in the NMCU (Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe) was a serious, strict and sometimes funny character and he’s no different in She-Hulk, so it’s great to see that continuity that I love.

The supporting cast of characters was also good. Old familiar characters like Wong make a comeback;  entertaining us with the same personality he always has. The Hulk shows up and still cracks jokes, even though they might fall a bit short. Even old characters like Emil Blonski make a return to the MCU and they fit in. Overall, I love the side characters.

The inclusivity of the show is also great. I didn’t feel like I was watching a show made for my baby brother like Ms Marvel but I didn’t feel like I was watching a show made for an adult like Moon Knight. There are moments that all ages can enjoy and laugh at and that’s what I liked while watching.


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The Season Finale…

After hearing about how much I enjoyed the characters, you might assume that I loved the show overall, including its finale, right?  Well, the season finale really fell short. The season finale is quite a messy hour. Let me explain. 

The season finale reveals the villainous “Hulk-King” to be some random guy that She-Hulk dated.  And the reason that he dislikes She-hulk is because she “didn’t work for her powers.” So he leads this hate movement, full of toxic internet trolls, against She-Hulk for no real reason… I just have a hard time wrapping my head around this motive. 

Hulk-King then transforms into a hulk via an experimental serum. Abomination is at the conference led by Hulk-King, and he saves Jen before Hulk literally comes crashing through the roof from space. The Hulk then gets mad at Abomination for lifting his cousin.  In the middle of all this chaos, the camera stops, as the audience experiences a “fifth wall break.” 

She-Hulk proceeds to talk to the audience, before bringing us to the executive board team that is literally making the show.  She then demands to talk to the studio president, who turns out to be a robot. She-Hulk goes on to change the season finale itself.  This is just too convoluted to be a good ending. 

All in all, She-Hulk is an okay show. You could watch it and enjoy it, but never have the urge to watch it again. While some of the story is great, amazing even, some bits of it fall flat. She-Hulk earns a 7/10 from me.

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