Saxon Musicians Shine at ILMEA Competitions

Six Schaumburg High School students were selected as part of the Illinois Music Education Association All-State ensembles in choir, band, and orchestra.

Andrew Fitch

Six Schaumburg High School students were selected as part of the Illinois Music Education Association All-State ensembles in choir, band, and orchestra.

Hana Salay and Samantha Freehling, Scribe Reporter/Editor-in-Chief

One of the top honors for band, orchestra, and choir students is to be selected to represent their school in the Illinois Music Education Association. This year, Schaumburg High School is represented by five talented musicians.

ILMEA currently offers a district festival experience for Elementary through Senior High students in Illinois. This includes general music events, band, chorus, jazz and orchestra ensembles. Students in grades 10-12 who are selected for the district-level ensemble are eligible for All-State. Students throughout the state audition to be a part of the band, choir, orchestra, and jazz ensembles in their ILMEA district. 

Based on those auditions, Owen Adamitis (bass/choir), Andrew Fitch (Future Music Educators Seminar), Mia Hardison (viola),  Josephine Mascarenhas (baritone saxophone) Chris Mininni (tenor), and Genna Viloria (bass clarinet) were selected to be a part of the All-State ensembles. 

“Being selected as an ILMEA district or all-state musician is a huge honor and recognition of a student’s hard work,” said Music Department Chair Mr. Inendino.

These students all travel to Peoria at the end of January where they learn and rehearse new pieces to perform in a concert as part of a large ensemble for thousands of audience members. Being surrounded by other similarly-awarded students, helps push their musicianship to new heights.

“Getting to know amazing, talented, hard-working musicians from across the state and being able to learn from each other isn’t something you can prepare for,” senior saxophonist Josephine Mascarenhas said. 

SHS Choir students perform as part of the ILMEA ensemble. (Josephine Mascarenhas )

One of the best parts of ILMEA is that its impact doesn’t end after the festival concludes. Students make connections with professionals and fellow student musicians from different places around the state. They will carry this experience and growth with them for years to come. They will  also bring their experiences back to our ensembles at SHS, providing their fellow Saxons with motivation and refined skills to help them develop as musicians.

Every student who is selected for an ILMEA ensemble has dedicated countless hours into their music in general, as well as preparing the rigorous audition materials to be accepted. It takes a commitment to regularly practicing and honing your craft as a musician over several years.

“ILMEA provides great opportunities for students to challenge themselves to reach heights they never thought possible. It is always amazing to see students’ growth from both the audition process and festival experience,” added Mr. Inendino. “I’m really proud to see our students rewarded for the time and energy they have devoted to their passion for music.”

We are all lucky to have such accomplished musicians here at SHS.  Take every opportunity to enjoy their award-winning talents by attending their school concerts and performances–you will not be disappointed.  It’s also important to keep in mind that each of these amazing performers started from scratch.  Everyone can make music, so don’t forget about taking Band, Choir, or Orchestra classes.  You’ll get to learn with some of the best in the state while enjoying music on a daily basis.

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