SHS Increases Bathroom Security


Myles Hudkins

Freshman Dominika Hudecek signs out of her English class. Schaumburg’s bathroom procedure now includes lanyards to indicate class location.

Myles Hudkins, Scribe Reporter

From TikTok challenges to vaping to loitering, Schaumburg High School bathrooms have become a refuge for students looking to avoid class. As a result, SHS implemented new procedures aimed at combating the growing problem. 

Schools have traditionally had difficulties enforcing rules in bathrooms: older generations had trouble with smoking and graffiti in particular.  During the COVID lockdowns and remote learning, however, problems with the restrooms became nonexistent. 

Since schools have returned to full-time, in-person instruction, student bathroom requests steadily increased.  Along with the higher traffic and usage, so did the amount of vaping and vandalism. 

“In the morning, they’re pretty clean, but by the afternoon, you see a lot of toilet paper on the grounds and fruit in the toilets,” senior Henry Tawiah-Annan stated. “It makes it uncomfortable to use the bathrooms. They smell like batteries from the vape pens. It’s so irritating.” 

Along with minor frustrations, students crowding the restrooms can allow for conflicts, and vaping can set off the smoke alarms.  If the fire alarms are triggered that requires an official response from the Schaumburg Fire Department.

To combat the issue, each classroom is given a lanyard and restroom pass with the room number designated on the ID card.  The lanyard colors correspond to the floor on which the classroom is located, allowing for an  easy visual for the student supervisors in the building to help keep hallways clear and ensure students are where they need to be. 

It allows for additional procedures to keep our students safe within the building. Students still need to use their D211 accounts to scan the QR codes to scan out of the classroom, then scan back in when returning to the classroom.

“Teachers and student supervisors are stationed at restrooms and rove to check restrooms to help keep restrooms safe,” administrator Mrs. Smith added. “There were instances of vaping and vandalism in the restrooms that we are trying to prevent from occurring.”

Certainly, requiring students to carry a pass on a lanyard would not, in itself, stop vandalism or vaping.  But because there is only one pass available per room, this restrict the number of students who are leaving classes to use the restroom.  That helps curb some of the vandalism which would often occur when students would congregate in the facilities, not to mention sharing of vape pens.

“We as students have lost the freedom of using the bathroom, because of the vaping and vandalism in the bathrooms.” freshman Josh Benson said.

Teachers and students supervisors have also been more visibly placed near restrooms and are responsible for systematically and frequently checking bathrooms for signs of any trouble.  As a result, the number of Infractions severely decreased since the implementation of these new rules.

“We have found that safety can be inconvenient, but we are tasked with ensuring our building is safe,” Mrs. Smith added.  “The new procedures may be frustrating, but we are reducing vandalism and have seen a decline in multiple students in stalls as well.”

Schaumburg High School continues to look at options to increase safety and security within the building.  Remember, Saxons: please help keep our school clean and safe.

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