SHS Food Drives Aid Local Families.


Sophia Freehling

Members of Students Helping Others collect donations during the Schaumburg’s annual “Stuff the Bus” drive.

Sophia Freehling, Scribe Reporter

With the holidays over, it is easy to fall back into the routines of our lives and forget about those in need of help. However, Schaumburg High School continues to offer many opportunities to make a difference in the community. 

Numerous SHS charitable events organized by Student Council and Students Helping Others, most notably “Stuff The Bus,” which took place November and “Hoops for Soups,” look to provide community members with some of life’s essentials. 

Beginning during the pandemic in 2020, “Stuff the Bus” has become an SHS staple. During the Stuff the Bus drive, students literary pack a District 211 bus with donations. The charitable drive helps provide community families with food and other necessities. 

“Service makes a difference in the community, makes you an active citizen, and contributes to individual happiness,” SHO sponsor Cindy Dvorak stated. 

“Hoops For Soups,” an event that benefits the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry, was held during the school day on Friday, February 3rd 2023 and at the varsity boys basketball game later that day. All donations from the event benefit the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry. 

Once the winter weather sets in and temperatures drop down to bitter levels, there is often an increased strain on food pantries and other charitable organizations.  Families who were just scraping by during the warmer fall, often fall on hard times as they have to pay higher bills for heating. And so, families become food insecure as their budgets are stretched beyond their limits.

I hope to give as much as I can,” stated senior Pranjal Jayswal. “I do enjoy giving and helping out charities; it’s just a goal for me to donate and to get as many people involved in these activities throughout high school.”

During the day students donated non-perishable food items to a collection box outside of the cashier’s window. At the game you can donate your non-perishable food items in two different places, in a donation box at the athletic entrance and in a donation box near the concession stand. 

Schaumburg High School has a long and proud tradition of helping out the community at large.  Look for future opportunities to donate in one of SHS’s many charity drives.  Student Council is already busy preparing a charity event for victims of the earthquake that took place in Turkey on February 7; stayed tuned for news and updates.  

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